Monday, February 28, 2011


Now that more than thirty-six hours have elapsed since our medical crisis over the weekend, I can get back to my usually unsuccessful attempts to be witty . As you know already, there is nothing even slightly humorous about your kid being sick or in pain, so yesterday's post was a little heavier than my norm.

But after an incredibly rough morning yesterday, Little Diva started improving quickly. In fact, her tongue is almost HEALED already!!

It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The ER doctor told us it would heal quickly but wow! It is healing so fast we almost wonder if she might have some super-human alien DNA or something. What was a deep angry gash less than two days ago is barely a scratch on the surface now!

It would not be the first time we have wondered if Little Diva was from another planet, but that usually has more to do with her dance moves or her choice of fashion.

So now that she is well along the road to recovery, I can look back and chuckle at a few Little Diva-isms on the way. Even in her darkest moments, she does amaze me.

Like, for example, her desire to interact with the ER doc. She answered almost all the doctor's questions herself, and decided to show the doctor the iPhone photo of her tongue that I had taken to email my mom. She was very proud of the extent of her injury. Then she proceeded to switch over to last week's video of her attempting a handstand and landing flat on her back. I was kind of mortified, and quite sure we were one incriminating revelation away from a visit from a case worker. But the doctor was amused, so in usual fashion, Little Diva had lifted the mood.

Sometimes I find that there is a sweet simplicity to a kid's perspective even when the going gets tough. I asked Little Diva later why she hadn't said anything about her mouth when she first fell. Her explanation was quite simple. She was scared because she thought her tongue was broken. Just a little bit later, she got quite a kick out of me telling her about the expression, "cat got your tongue?" Getting that first smile of the day was priceless.

I also have to wonder WHAT the heck they put in Gatorade. It had the power to almost instantly transform my sullen little lump of girl into her almost normally vibrant self within a few minutes. It was also the first thing she was able to keep down all day. Wild! That plus a little fresh air made for a much happier afternoon.

The eerie silence in the household was gone and I could hear her yelling her favorite catchphrase from the Electric Company "Hey. You. Guys!!" I must admit, the quiet was a kind of nice, but it was much better to have my Little Diva back.

So today she is off to school. We had our normal battles over what to wear and getting her hair combed.

I don't know if I would have freaked out any less had I understood that such an injury was so quick to heal. In that I don't have much of a stomach for guts and gore, probably not. I'm not gonna lie. It was pretty gross.

Has something with your kiddo ever freaked you out?


  1. When Bubba was 18 mos, a full grown woman on a swing swung backwards, and he caught the full force of her body in his face. He cumpled to the ground and scared the hell out of me. He was crying, and there a little scrape on his eye, but otherwise fine. I was still so freaked out by the impace that I took him to the pediatrician's office so they could tell me he was fine.

  2. PS I saw what was going to happen but assumed Bubba would know to move or the woman had seen him, so it took me a long, long time to stop beating myself up for it. But, this stuff happens to all of us!! Doesn't mean you are any less of a mom. :)


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