Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Crazy

Let me begin by saying that Sweet Hubby and I have no intention of having more kids.  We are barely able to handle the two we have quite happy as a family of four. I am even willing to let at least one of my girls play hockey some day to put to rest any ideas Sweet Hubby might have of needing to try for a boy. So, if we were to spawn again, it would be an "oops" of epic proportions.

With that said, I must admit that I get totally swept up in all things baby, with a fervor that rivals the Target parking lot on Black Friday. There is a new wave of baby mania sweeping our social circles these days - one gal in labor, a recent pregnancy announcement, even my sister starting to plan for a possible new addition to her family sometime in the near future.  I get totally pumped up on baby energy. I thought would try to channel some of my enthusiasm into sharing some thoughts about preparing for motherhood.

I know it can be completely overwhelming to start thinking about giving up every moment of your freedom and free will becoming a parent.  You are inundated with so much information and marketing, that it makes your nauseous, hypersensitive-smelling head spin.

Through every step of our journey through life now, there is some kind of resource to guide you/inspire you/connect you with others basically get you to buy more stuff.  Take the whole The Knot-The Nest-The Bump conglomeration for example.  What an advertising hoo-rah!

I am actually developing a new idea to pitch to the fine folks at that Lifestage Media group (the brains behind the Knot, et al), for the next installment in their series.  It is a place for you to go once you have Knot-ted, Nest-ed and birthed The Bump.  I will call it "The Nuthouse". (I was originally planning to call it The Noose, but my focus group thought that might be perceived as a teensy-weensy bit negative. Cry babies.)

I can see it now.  The gorgeous honeymoon photos from Jamaica on your profile would be replaced with shots of dragging little junior screaming out of the germ tank swimming pool at Sesame Place. Ladies with screen names like xanaxmama and mothergetsgoosed would trade advice on how to get the go-gurt stains out of their used-to-be-new living room carpets.

New mommies find out pretty quickly that no matter how much Dreft you use on your laundry, life with kids stinks from time to time. Even the most fully-stocked, best-equipped and well-guided mothers will wonder "what the hell was I thinking?", once in a while.

So whether you are armed with an entire arsenal of Pottery Barn Kids accessories, or picking through bins of baby goods at your neighbor's yard sale, I can tell you this.  There is not a single piece of baby gear out there that will prepare for the world of Motherhood, nor is there a fail-safe guide to doing it all the right way.  

There is also nothing more wonderful, more empowering, than the love of your children and the chance to help them make their way in this world. So if you are just embarking on your journey into motherhood, hold on and enjoy the ride. It'll be a wild one!


  1. First of all, I played ice hockey through my sophomore year in college (when my coach told me to choose between hockey and academics), so I can tell you that your husband will be more than please with a girl hockey player. Second, I totally get obsessed with all things baby too. I'm so nostalgic now that my son is 2, until everyone is puking at once and then it sort of subsides for a while. But you're right, there's no preparing. Third, what do I have to do to get you on Twitter? Join me on the dark side...pretty please?

  2. Teehee, The Nuthouse.
    My third was an "oops." Mostly 'cause he decided to tag along with my second!

  3. Totally going baby crazy here. Everyone is having babies. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. I always wanted three, but time, money, energy, a house too small in a housing bust that sucks, and my hubby's snippage all are against me! I love your tips for wannabes though.


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