Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Shaped Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

It has been such a busy day, I am too tired to work on an interesting post (not sure how that differs from any other day, but I will take the excuse and run with it), so I am just going to share a little about what we did.

Sweet Hubby and I started out early by getting 20 five year old kids hopped up on sugar hosting the Pre-K Valentine's Day party at Little Diva's nursery school.  Then my valentine had to go to work (ugh. one of those holidays for which people just love to go to restaurants).

So with my two little valentines in tow, I set out to make this a special day.  We went to baby/toddler music class (which actually seemed like a trip to the spa, after the chaos of the preschool party) and checked out books and movies from the library.

Little Diva had her dance class this afternoon too.  While she attended class, The Baby and I ran out to get Valentine gifts for the dance teachers, because apparently that is what you are supposed to do, and I always seems to drop the ball completely. Thank goodness the dance school is located in a big strip mall, where you can find just about anything to quickly cover up the fact that you lack basic social graces.

But the main focus of my day with my girls was to celebrate how wonderful they are to us and to each other (and to try to prevent Little Diva from eating the pound of candy that she received along with the valentines from her classmates - um yeah, whatever happened to just handing out cute little cards and putting them in tissue boxes decorated with lace heart doilies?)

Anyway, I decided to plan a special dinner, just for us three girls.  And I wanted everything to be heart-shaped.

On the menu:
Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese
Red (Tomato) Soup
Pink (Strawberry) Milk
Strawberry Heart Jello Jigglers

The table was set with a white (obviously not ironed) tablecloth, a rose, candles and red, heart shaped napkins.  

We also displayed a special plate that Little Diva made at school as a gift for us.


We loved our dinner, and hope that you had a super sweet day too!


  1. How cute are you? Best mom award goes to you today!

  2. pete should put that trio on his menu

  3. You totally rocked the Valentine's dinner (and day)! I love all of the foods and the table. So adorable. Love it! Thank you for your post on my blog.


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