Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Little Diva and The Baby

I have never really posted any photos or videos of the kiddos before - I have always relied on the use of prose to communicate the nuances of their quirky little personalities. But today I decided that this moment captured on video was too precious (for me, at the very least) not to share. 

The backstory is that Sweet Hubby, in addition to his culinary savoir faire, also plays the banjo, and often serenades us with Old Timey tunes now and again. Little Diva fancies herself to be quite the little songbird and at any given moment, is "writing" songs to narrate the soundtrack of her life. The Baby just kind of rocks out with whatever is going on around her. 

And from that convergence of talents, the following scene was born:

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  1. Love it! Hope you're off to a good start for summer :)


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