Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please! No Payday for Casey!!

It doesn't really matter how you feel about Tuesday's "not guilty" verdict in the infamous Casey Anthony trial, you would be hard-pressed to convince anyone that Casey is a morally upstanding young lady. In fact, whether or not she actually pre-meditated, facilitated or even just ignored the disappearance and death of her daughter, most would view her as a despicable human being with no sense of basic human compassion.

What disturbs me the most about her current status as our country's most talked about persona non grata is that she stands to make millions on her story.

We, as a society, will flock to the bookstore to buy her book, and tune in to her talk show appearances to try to understand more about this person that has shocked and horrified us beyond belief. And for this, she will become a very wealthy lady.

How can we somehow dissuade the media from indulging in our curiosity? Is there some way to call for higher moral ground, where we can tell NBC/CBS/Fox, whomever, that we will not watch anything for which Casey gets one dime? Would someone please start a "No Payday for Casey!" Facebook page?

If only we could make every publisher understand that they wouldn't sell a single "Casey Anthony - My Story" hardcover or e-Book, and that they'd lose millions if they tried to publish it.

And honestly, it's not just Casey getting rich that gets under my skin. It is more a sickening fear that her fortune from all of this may just inspire some other repugnant creatures to perpetrate their own hideous acts in the hopes of the same outcome. There are certainly enough desperate, demented people out there that might say to themselves, "Well if she made millions, it might just be worth a try".

There are already way too many threats out there to the well-being of our kids.  I truly hope that everyone who reads this will reconsider before watching her shows, seeing her movie or reading her book.

I, personally, promise myself that I will not contribute in any way to her success. If she gives an interview, I will change the channel. If she writes a book, I will not buy it.

Are you with me on this, or do you think the media deserves its shot at her?

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, I learned that such a Facebook page has been created!! Yay!
You can visit and Like it here

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  1. I'm so with you on this. I have yet to watch any of it, actually. I tried to stay current by reading the updates, but I refuse to spend another second on her. Well said, my friend.


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