Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I Made a Pledge!

Today I took "The Mom Pledge" to join with my fellow mommy bloggers who want to keep our blogosphere free from bullying and negativity.

For me, blogging has become a wonderful way to connect with other moms, and share our triumphs and disappointments. It stuns me to think that some bloggers are waging war against each other via negative comments, and online bullying. I am lucky that I have only interacted with kind, honest and sincere bloggers since I started a couple of months ago.

We moms face enough challenges in our "real lives". I have a five-going-on-fifteen-year-old so I have all the drama I need, thank you very much! We have to stick together, share our stories, and have a good laugh at it all when we can. Or be a virtual shoulder to cry on when need be.

Of course, we are all very different, and just like in real life, we can embrace diversity and learn from it.

For more information about The Mom Pledge, check out http://www.efloraross.com.
Won't you take a moment to see what it's all about, and join the effort?


  1. I'm sign up! Thanks for sharing. Janae

  2. Absolutely true! We all need to stick together, even if we don't always agree on a topic.

  3. Great post and so glad you signed up too!


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