Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hot and Bothered This Morning

Well, of course, it is time for another visit to our nearby medical professional! Merely a week has passed since Little Diva's mishap, and she is most definitely on the mend. So, now, guess what? The Baby is sick with a high fever. Again.

We are starting to become regulars at our pediatrician's office. I no longer need to say I have the after-hours doctor line on speed dial, because I actually have it memorized. I did manage to avoid another late night ER jaunt, thanks to the infant acetaminophen coming through around 10:30 pm, but we are back to a burning hunk of love this morning.

I am pretty sure I activated the jinx of all jinxes about 8 months ago when I commented on how lucky we were to have avoided the ER and most common illnesses with our kids. I cannot even remember the conversation very clearly, I just know I mentioned that I really would not even know how to go about getting to the ER because we had never had the need.

Well, I figured out it nice and quick. Me and my big freaking mouth.

So, it is on to another weekend with very little sleep, very lot of coffee and quite possibly a second mortgage to help cover the cost of co-pays for our play dates with germs visits to the doctor.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Yuck! I hope the baby improves and no more fevers. You probably already know this, but we find infant motrin to work better on fevers than acetaminophen. We only use acetaminophen for breakthrough or for pain. Good luck!

  2. My baby girl has been battling a fever since Thursday. I'm hoping it's just her turn with Roseola because her brother had it a few weeks ago.
    Hope your youngest is on the mend and it passes quickly!


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