Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Fitted Sheet

I am a little obsessed with perfectly folding the fitted sheet. For me, it is the Holy Grail of Domesticity. There is something so satisfying about tucking that tightly folded little parcel of success into a neat stack on the shelf of an otherwise horrifying linen closet. I don't get it right that often.

How does one properly fold a fitted sheet? Google it, and you will get a bunch of different "expert" opinions on the topic. It seems like every domestic guru out there knows exactly how to do it, and will happily sell you a glossy magazine for $5.95 so you can do it too!

But no matter how well I follow the instructions, I can never do it the same way twice. Sometimes I end up with a jumble of corners and bunches and just stuff the thing into the back corner until however many months pass and I am motivated to change the sheets again. Other times, it looks like I have channelled my inner Martha and could get that sheet right back into its original package. I like days like that, and I will proudly run my hand over the smooth bundle several times before putting it away. I will admire it from every angle. Maybe even show it to Sweet Hubby so he knows that my time spent at home involves more than bon-bons and the soaps. <snicker snicker>

Like so many things, folding the fitted sheet takes practice. You try to do it the same way every time, but you can't always remember exactly what you did last time that worked so well. Other times, you are rushed, and can't take the time it needs. Maybe you were not taught how do it growing up, so you had to figure it out on your own.

And don't you know, you may spend a lot of time trying to get it right yourself, but then along comes someone else, who doesn't place the same importance on the perfectly folded fitted sheet, and will just shove their wadded mess into your organized pile.

You can take one look at that totally together mommy at the playground, and just know that her sheets are perfectly folded. She did it right before baking homemade chocolate chip cookies, and still had time afterwards to jump on a conference call to change the world. You wonder - does fold her own sheets? How did she learn to do it so well? Why. Is. It. So. Freakin'. Hard. For. Me?

Hmph! Maybe she just buys new sheets every time.

Sometimes, if I know I didn't do my best, I will go back and refold that sheet until it looks a little better.  I feel slightly bad for giving up on it so soon. Sometimes I listen to the experts, and sometimes I just do my own thing. I do what feels right.

When I climb into a freshly-made bed, I realize, no matter how the sheet was folded, it feels soft and smooth against my skin, and it is something that makes me happy. It is a fun challenge to make it perfect, but sometimes you just have to shut the linen closet door and try again later.

What is your domestic Holy Grail?

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  1. Ugh, I cannot fold a fitted sheet for the life of me! I usually fold it over once, then again, and maybe a third time...and then after that my goal is to just get it inside the cabinet.

    I think my domestic Holy Grail is the kitchen. I simply have to have a neat and tidy kitchen. I hate cups on the counter. Even the smallest crumb bothers me and I'll have to wipe down the counters again to make the tile (white tile) shine. Stuff sitting in my sink? Never. Well, I can't say never, with a house full of kids...I will come downstairs and find my kitchen a wreck and I'll get busy making it mine again. Clutter on my kitchen counters? Never. Well, I can't say never...because with a house full of kids....they do try to leave their stuff in the kitchen, but I quickly snatch it up. What's funny is that I'm not all that meticulous about the rest of the house (you should see my bedroom!) but the kitchen is the ONE place that I have to have clean and tidy throughout the day.


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