Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Made It!

Tonight I am dedicating my post to all the mommies out there who made it through Mother's Day flying solo with their kiddos.

For lots of different reasons, many of our husbands couldn't be around today to entertain the little angels while mommy got some of that elusive extra sleep in the morning. We had to fix our own breakfast and make the bed, rather than luxuriating in it with a mug of hot coffee and the Sunday paper.

Our "spa" treatment consisted of a hurried shower, set to the soundtrack of bickering children and the too-loud TV attempting to distract them so mommy could rinse the shampoo out AND shave her legs before the Backyardigans headed to somebody's house for the day's snack.

We may have stayed at home and conducted our day just like any other. Or we may have braved the brunch front with our kiddos in tow, praying that today just might be the day that our toddler wouldn't morph into a screaming, sticky mess long before the entrees even hit the table. Perhaps there was a special outing - the zoo, the park. Plenty of spots just perfect for watching Daddies chase around their minions while Mommies bask in the warm sun. Nevertheless, we packed our diaper bags with conviction, and managed to keep our chins up as we tackled the day.

Those of us who have already survived some of these solo Mother's Days may have started the day with pretty low expectations, because we know that our kids are way to young to understand that Mommy needs to be treated "extra-special" because it's her day. There is no Santa or Easter Bunny anywhere to be found, so to our small kids, this day seems just like any other, and there are needs that must be meant.

But in some way or another, the sippy cup stayed half full.

Maybe the diapers were just a little less stinky, and the flowers we managed to get in the ground in time for Mother's Day looked a little brighter. The giggles and gasps of joy as the swings flew high in the air, sounded just a little happier today, and whether we got one hug or a hundred, the gentle embrace of our beloveds felt even warmer than usual.

Because let's face it, Mother's Day is about more than feeling appreciated as a mom. It is about appreciating the fact that you are a mommy, and no matter how much or how little the rest of the world does today to make you feel special, there is no better celebration than the love we share with our kids. Today and everyday.

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Well brunch at your favorite restaurant and a good park day sure beats painting the garage doors. They were looking a little disreputable so I'm that job is finished, except for scraping the paint off of the windows. Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Mine was made special by getting calls from 4/5 of my children.

  2. I hear you, mama! I was sick with a sick 2 year old and jealous (bc she wanted to be sick too) four year old...but we managed to have a nice day together and the garden stone made at preschool brought tears to my eyes. I love these days, even the hard ones.


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