Friday, April 15, 2011

The Hard Way

So I picked up a few pointers from myself yesterday on how not to make life more difficult that it can sometimes be already.

Here we go:
1) Do not go to the park with an eighteen month old when the local elementary school is having some kind of field day/let the wild animals run free/let the teachers stand around and check Facebook on their phone in the sunshine day.  If you do, have a plan in place for the baby therapy that will be needed to remove the scars to her delicate psyche.

2) Do not get your five-year old all excited about rearranging her room furniture without first measuring the spaces - ALL THE SPACES - to make sure your plan will work. And better yet, do not start moving said furniture (said heavy, made of solid wood, with a iron core, furniture) by yourself only to find out the hard way that it does not fit.

3) Do not pull a baby toy out of storage, and expect that your five year old will have any interest in letting an actual BABY play with it.

4) Do not assume that a baby will not want her own treat from the Ice Cream Truck. If you do, you will just end up giving her yours. And along those same lines, pretty much plan on the fact that the treat you choose for yourself will be more appealing to your five year old than whatever gumball-eyed/red dye #5/superhero pop she picks and you will end up "trading". Order accordingly. Why do I always forget that?

Hope this helps your weekend go a little more smoothly.
Does anyone else have any good life lessons that you have picked up lately?


  1. Never tell your 4.5 year old that his sister is coming home from the hospital today unless you KNOW she is coming home from the hospital today.

  2. I have the same problem with Bubba's baby toys. And toys that were bought for/given to the babies as gifts. And pretty much any toy that we have.

    I have a furniture moving one too. Never assume that moving the bed to cover the outlet the lamp is plugged into means it is safe to hang a light on the wall. Because all it means is that your kids will climb on the bed to grab the cord and pull down the lamp.

    @MOM on a Line - Aw man, that sucks.
    I've learned to never tell Bubba ANYthing is going to happen unless I KNOW it is.

  3. @MOL - sorry to hear. That is really a bummer. Hang in there.
    @CM - are you talking an Ikea kind of wall lamp? I only ask because I was thinking about getting one, and now, not so sure.


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